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There are days when our appearance fills us with confidence. We smile at our reflection because we know we look good and feel empowered to take on the day. Those days, our lives seem to flow more manageable, the world rosier, and everything seems to flow more smoothly.  


Of course, there are also days when we experience the opposite.

While the style and personality of what you wear are all critical to looking and feeling great, so is colour. Studies have proven it’s the first thing others notice and plays an essential part in how you perceive health, vitality, youthfulness, and intelligence. 


To discover the colours that best suit you, you need to learn your best colours in terms of:

❶ Relative Temperature: cool, warm, and/or neutral colours

❷ Intensity: soft, smoky or clear, crisp colours or in-between. 

❸ Value: light, medium, or dark colours

❹ Contrast: High, medium, or low.


And most important of all, these impacts your appearance, personality and last but not least, how you engage the world around you. So my question is, which do you want to start?


Wearing the right colour for the right situation is both an art and a science. Have you ever wondered what specific colours suit some person and not another? 

I’d love to help you uncover your best colours to make you look radiant any day for all occasions, whether in social or professional settings, 

Drop me a message at agoo@walanii.com for a chat. 


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