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We elevate the image of professionals to be noticed, liked, and trusted!


About us

WALANII means “the essence of life” in the Ga Language. As such, the purpose of our team is to empower professionals to gain the visibility necessary to take advantage of the life-changing opportunities that lie ahead so they can enjoy the true essence of life.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help professionals who feel invisible or less confident in their appearance and interactions elevate their image, so they can become visible to grow their reach & revenue, without struggling to figure everything out on their own.

Who Need To Know

If you are a professional or business owner who:

  • Feeling people don’t take you seriously because of your appearance.

  • Having trouble articulating your expertise to be noticed in your niche

  • Trying to get visible but hasn’t figured out who to help

Our Approach

With our four visibility elevator protocol, we provide you with clarity, confidence, style and presence so that you can stand out confidently wherever you appear, whether in person or virtually to achieve the desired results.

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Our consultation service will help you close the gap. It will transform the way you show up to achieve your goals and transform your life.


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Our retreats, virtual & in-person workshops are designed to empower and equip you with the skills to succeed in your career or business. We provide tailored solutions that will help you reach your goals and succeed. Let us help you reach your goals!


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Join our self-study membership programme and benefit from easy-to-follow video tutorials, curated resources, a private online community and biweekly live coaching sessions for personalized feedback to improve your visibility.

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Is time or privacy your biggest challenge?

With our one-to-one service option, you can benefit from focused help based on your preferences to stand out wherever you go.

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Meet Our Founder

  • Adiza Brimah-Annan is an AICI-certified Image Consultant.


  • Unlike most people, she naturally builds and utilises networks for opportunities. Her intuition and foresight have made her a valuable coach for 17 national brands, including the Bank of Ghana. Akua Ofori-Boateng, Ghana’s first female priest, and Caroline Bou-Chedid, the first female president of African Engineering Organisations.


  • In a world divided by race, religion, and gender, Adiza believes our individual success is the true unifier. This is her reason for elevating professionals to stand out confidently to identify and tap into their potential to succeed.

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Shopping with you I'm assured of quality and nothing less. It saves me from wondering if the product is original or not.

Elizabeth Asmah, Destination Consultant _Bekimk


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