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Q. How to schedule an Appointment? 

We offer self-scheduling to enable you to manage your time. However, we will send a confirmation email upon receipt of payment where applicable.


Q. What’s the next step?

The next step is to prepare your heart and mind for a transforming experience. Ensure that you have the date for your sessions saved onto your calendar with an alert. We shall, however, contact you via your preferred mode of communication before the appointment time. 


Q. How to get the best of this experience?

We implore you to complete your sessions within the stated duration for maximum impact. The “clock” starts precisely at the scheduled time. Therefore, running late is not advisable. We humbly implore you to arrive early. You must make the most of the money invested in this experience.


Q. What is the most effective mode of communication?

For general support, kindly send an email to concierge@walanii.com. Kindly note we do not offer support over the phone via our Adiza Brimah-Annan private social media profiles or pages.  


Q. What happens when I am late?

There will also be a replay option for group coaching, however, for private coaching, we usually cancel sessions after ten minutes without rescheduling options for that session. 



Q. Who is Your ideal client?

You are our ideal client if you:

  • Are hungry for opportunities but have no idea how to seek them.
  • Have zero strategies when it comes to personal branding and building networks
  • Want to claim space in large rooms.
  • struggle to make decisions and trust their intuition.



Q Will I get results with a group programme? 

You will get more results, and better results from a group programme than one-on-one and here is why.

Yes, they may have less privacy, but you get more collaboration with like-minded members of the group.

You will witness each other’s transformation via their struggles and success. A group environment is unique and has a remarkable impact on a coaching programme. This will help you feel heard, acknowledged and accepted as you go through your impressive transformation and long-lasting effects. This is why group coaching produces better results than 1-o-1 coaching.

If you love competing. This will give you the drive to push yourself as you watch others gain progressive results, not forgetting you get accountability. 

You also may get access to insight, ideas that may take longer or you may never think of from other members in the group


Q. As an employee, why do I need to build my personal brand?

Jobs for life no longer exist. You must have full control over your career and the opportunities you create for yourself. You can only do this by proactively working ‘on’ your career as well as working ‘in’ your job.


Q. I’m just starting in business. Will this be too advanced?

Our knowledge style is a mix of teaching, coaching and mentoring. We provide appropriate knowledge and skills using our experiences and expertise to help guide your decisions to gain your desired outcome at whatever stage you’re at in your life or business, there are just a few things to focus on. Go deep rather than broad to avoid burnout from doing ALL the things. Be deliberately present – is the motto!


Q. I’m already a successful business owner, would this be too ‘basic’ for me?

Congrats! Are you seen as a go-to expert in your niche? Are you able to charge a premium for your services, and are top opportunities presented to you rather than having to pitch all the time? If not, you will benefit from being part of the community to master how to stand out deliberately, attracting and raising even more opportunities. We’d love to have you join us! 



 Q.There are so many coaching programmes out there; what makes this different? 

This is the only programme focused on helping you to overcome the imposter syndrome, silence your inner critic and get you unstuck mentally and physically. This will deliberately help you to craft an impactful and influential brand. 


Q. I am very much focused on only wardrobe management and appropriate dress code for all functions. But the questionnaire is on many unrelated issues. How do I go about this?

We encourage you to answer all the questions the best way you can to enable us to get to know you a bit more to help give you the very best experience possible.


Q. I don’t want to be visible!

I get it. As an introvert, I’ve had to do a lot of work to get out of my way. The reality is: If no one knows about you, how will you create success? You will only ever be rewarded for visible work; that’s work that people can see and pay you for. It’s no longer a choice; your success depends on it! 


q. Is there a set path you follow?

Yes! We will be working through a signature system in small digestible chunks to avoid overwhelming you and the confusion common with many programmes. This proven success path using 15 years + experience in creating, designing, managing and coaching people. We know what works to help you build your reputation and get results. As Tony Robbins says: success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy, so we’ll be digging deep into what may be holding you back before moving forward with strategy implementation.


Q. What if I can’t afford it?

There is a payment plan in place should you not be able to sign up in full. A better question to ask is: Can I afford NOT to do this? When we are fully committed to creating more for ourselves, we get resourceful to get the support we need to achieve our goals despite the fear.


Q. What happens after I sign up?

Upon sign up, you’ll receive a welcome package with access to your welcome party materials and a community of like-minded, purpose-driven and supportive professionals on a similar path will be invaluable to you on this journey. 


Q. Why do you focus so much on mindset and style?

The main thing standing in your way is you and the stories you’re telling yourself. Once you know how to work on your limiting beliefs and the things keeping you stuck, you’ll become unstoppable in the way you show up, offer your service and live your best life! 

Do the masterclasses cost extra?

No, you’ll receive access to the monthly masterclass at no extra cost.


Q. What if I want private support? 

Absolutely! You can request a total of six private sessions with in the Membership Plan. Should you require extra, you can purchase additional deep-dive consultation via The Concierge.


Q. Can I get a refund after joining the membership plan?

We don’t provide refunds, but you can cancel anytime; just give 15 days notice. We’re sure you won’t want to leave, though!  


Q. Why do you have a limited enrolment period?

Enrolment is limited to ensure all new members are warmly welcomed and supported! As the sessions are live, I want to ensure everyone has the same access to the materials. The dedicated enrolment periods will provide my team and I can dedicate time, resources and support to welcoming new members.


Q. Can I join with my business partner/spouse?

They can join too. However, each member will require a separate membership to join the masterclasses and coaching sessions and benefit the community.


Q. What is the Ultimate reward for Your clients?

  • CONFIDENCE – The clarity that erases any self-doubt to enable you to show up, stand out and move in the direction of your dreams
  • IDENTITY – A unique signature style that increases your value proposition and guarantees success.
  • PURPOSE – A well-curated brand that compliments your aspiration and empowers you to network with confidence to attract your desired success.


Q. How can i get help?

For additional concerns, always keep in mind that help is just an email away. 


Q. What should I bring to a session?

Bring your writing instruments (such as a pen) and your favourite notebook. Don’t forget to come along with lots of question. 


Q. Where Can I locate WALANII

We will provide the location of a particular session via email. However, our physical Site is Plot #221 Atomic road, Haatso, Greater Accra. You can obtain directions from Google map. Please note that we do not allow walk-ins. If you plan to visit, Kindly send a request via concierge@walanii.com and wait for your confirmation email before embarking on your journey.


 Q. Dress Code?

Typically, We recommend you dress Business or Smart-Casual. However, you may consider wearing clothing that is not bulky for your body analysis session to help us take accurate measurements during your body analysis session.


 Q. How do I get my Take-Home Kit?

We will email all documents to you; however, you can arrange to pick up your Take-home Kit from our office, or we are happy to deliver it to you.


All is set at our end, are you ready?