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Looking good is not shallow, vain or phoney. Think of it as setting an emotional and physical tone for your brand image. To do this perfectly, you need to select your colours with intent. The Ghana flag’s red, gold, green and black to everything on this planet expresses some form of colour phycology or colour symbolism. 

For ages, colour has fascinated many and influenced how we wear it. Whether in clothing or accessories, colours do so much more than look good on you. They can help you stick to your goals for the day or even make you feel more confident, sexy or however you fancy based on your plan. 

When you know the messages that colours represent, you can use them to influence those around you and yourself. Are the colours you wear saying what you want them to say about you? 


Let’s Play A Colour Game

Because the colours you wear give you the energy and the introduction, you need. I will guide you to discover how to select tints and shades of clothes to consciously boost your confidence and balance your body shape and emotions (heart, mind and soul)

Below are some fantastic tips on the right colours for an occasion or moment.




Red means stop! I guess we all know this fact. Indeed red is a powerful colour that exudes energy, determination, excitement, and passion. If you wear red, be prepared to deliver its personality and more. However, if you do love red yet can own it, personality-wise, I recommend using it as an accent. Either as a pocket square for the man or nail polish for the woman. 

Wear a Red dress, skirt, jacket, shoes, or lipstick if it matches your personality.




Yellow is a fantastic attention-grabbing colour to wear when you want people around you to feel happy and energetic. This colour is comforting, lively, optimistic, and stimulating.

Yellow can be worn if you want to attract attention. However, suppose you wish to wear it above the waistline, below, or all over. In that case, I recommend wearing it where you want to create a focal point you don’t mind people looking at. 




The colour orange is all about creativity, enthusiasm, and stimulation. So wear this colour when you have enough energy because children respond heartily to this colour.

They will want to join in on your fun activities. In a corporate setting, an orange scarf or opt for a handbag in orange. 




The colour white is pure, sincere, clean, and hopeful. This is a great colour to wear when you want others to know they can rely on you.

Many Africans wear white to welcome good omens etc. You can never go wrong in an all-white outfit or white button-down blouse/shirt, sweater paired with a skirt/pants, dress, jeans, or a tote in corporate settings. You will message that you are innovative, a perfectionist, and expressive.




Green is peaceful to be around, friendly, and kind. This colour is very nurturing and rejuvenating.

Green is your go-to colour when you need to sustain your energy and keep a serene atmosphere.

A jacket, necktie dress, polo shirt, skirt, or scarf is not a bad option for innovative business or casual settings. 




Blue has long been known for conveying good communication and honesty.

This colour conjures stability, professionalism, trust, and reliability. In addition, blue is a soothing colour, depending on its value and intensity. 

I recommend the Navy when you want to encourage self-reliance. This colour exudes confidence, power, and authority.

The Navy is a great choice when you want to be taken seriously and recognized for your knowledge. 

Wear it when you need to be the voice of reason or the mediator in a tense situation. 





The colour brown conveys that you are stable, genuine, and persevering.

I recommend you wear something brown when you want people to know they can count on you to meet a deadline.

Remember, the darker the brown, the better.





The colour black can be mysterious, sensual, elegant, sophisticated, high authority, and formal.

In Africa, especially in Ghana, black is predominately reserved for solemn occasions such as a morning or thought decision-making time.

Wear black when you want to look like you have it all together or command authority. 


Wearing the right colour for the right situation is both an art and a science. Have you ever wondered what specific colours suit some people and not another? 

I’d love to help you discover your best colours to make you look radiant and elevate your competence and credibility as the expert you are. Click here to schedule a free assessment! 


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