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Digital consulting

“Before I met Adiza, I struggled with how to express myself and identify who I am although I am still in the process of bettering myself, meeting her has made it a bit easier to deal with my values and life choices. Now, I have more confidence.”

_ Sidika Perigrino Braimah

My sessions with Adiza has made shopping for clothes much easier. It’s also enabled me to choose the right clothes and shoes according to my body type, whereas I previously found it extremely difficult. My MENOFSTYLE profile has made dressing up much more convenient.

_Jalil Sigli Abdulai

My deep-dive personal styling session with Adiza was intense and deliberate. I don't think there is anything she missed or left out when I saw the profile outlook she had put together for me. As a back burner girl, I can confidently say that my confidence has moved a step further and I am grabbing opportunities with both hands and with the much needed confidence. My wardrobe is gradually taking shape to represent the person I want people to see, believe and to achieve the purpose for which i stand for; the astute lawyer - that I am.

_Annie Kwakye, Immigration Attorney

My favourite takeaway from the style makeover experience is my personalised colour swatch. It doesn't only help make shopping more manageable. It makes it easy to select which colour to wear to where. It also helps with my colour combinations when dressing up and choosing which eye shadow colour matches my lipstick. Believe me, the style strategist says it all the time. Colour is the most essential thing someone notices on you. I have had that experience at a summit. I felt terrific to receive compliments, which made me very proud of myself for making this investment. With my personalised colour swatch, my wardrobe is intact, and I don't have orphaned clothing. Cheers to the #colourswatch

_Doreen Raheena Sulleyman, Creative Director _IOTA LIFESTYLE

I would say that you are my “signpost” for living an excellent life. I feel that someone is watching over me as I journey and caused me to pause and validate my options. I value your truth.

Letitia Ohene-Effah, Director _LeadAfrique International

I got introduced to Adiza by my cousin, who felt that my voice was not a true reflection of my personality. During my vocal session, I discovered some unique tones I had never experienced. Adiza was so dedicated to her work and provided flexible appointment schedules to suit me. As an image consultancy expert, she offered a unique personal brand to fit my personality, accentuating my style, fashion sense and expanding my social network. Adiza will say, 'Never waste time on anything that will not add value to your person’. I now live by partaking only in activities that add value to me to succeed in this life. Indeed, my expectation of your programme was far exceeded. Thanks to you and the team for your impeccable professionalism and knowledge in creating a unique personal brand for me

LETITIA ASANTE, Sales Representative _Tema Container Terminal

Buying from you I'm assured of quality and nothing less. It saves me from wondering if the product is original or not.

Elizabeth Asmah, Destination Consultant _Bekimk

Before I met Adiza, my two favourite colours were black and dark brown. Going through the style program, other colours have made it to my list of favourites. Time spent window shopping in an undecided state is now history. I use the colour swatch as a reference point when making any major clothing or accessories purchase. I insist on knowing exactly what would look great on me and whenever I bring out the swatch to compare with what I am interested in, they back down with some asking, “what is that?”. I use more the assistance received for my formal, semi-formal/smart-casual looks. I have been overly charitable with the casual (That’s soon to change, though). I knew exactly the colours of the suit I was buying when the time came. The outcome was a very functional suit, great fabric et al. Choosing a pocket square was exciting. I had to restrict myself because there was a range of options that looked great with the suit. It is exciting when choosing African fabrics for shirts; the swatch comes as a helpful guide. Having a reference point in making decisions on what to/not to buy/wear eliminates its related stress. I will recommend the style program for anyone who wants to make a soothing impression that lasts.

Sylvester Kumako _Lead Event Planner

Your assistance enhanced my public speaking skills, which gave me the confidence to start offering presentations and appear on both TV and radio to market my Entrepreneurship Course nationally and internationally.

Joyce Boadi Okyere, C.E.O _ POSKYPLUS & MD DOROTHEEN

"Real benefit for me has been identifying what I am passionate about and using that to define my brand. It's helped me focus on what I should pursue. I am now more conscious of what I wear or how I look due to the personal styling sessions"

Juliet Adu. _Country Manager, Amend Ghana

I got strategic, insightful and easy to action recommendations to assist me with my brand and public specking challenges . The level of professionalism was outstanding. I highly recommend them.

-Sylvia Sedo, _MTN

“One of my best and life changing experiences of 2019 was time spent with you. You were not just professional with me, but took me like a sister. Thank you. I pray you continue every good work.”

_ Linda Amen


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