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Brand Styling 

Your Brand Is Your Business!

Having the right look for your personal brand or your business can make all the difference in the world when it comes to promotability, value and most of all SALES.

At WALANII, we have just what it takes to help you position yourself as a marketable powerhouse in your specific field of work or niche. We offer the following Branding services:

Visual Identity

The colours, symbols, and fonts you use to represent your business or personal brand is
paramount when you want to appeal to a specific audience.

Most of all, your branding look builds credibility with your target market while helping to support the value that your products offer.

Need a logo or design for your brand?

Need to create a beautifully designed postcard for your clients?

What about timeless yet innovatively designed stationery to send your client’s proposals or even a hand-written thank you note. At WALANIIi, we believe that great design marks your destiny. Let us make your ideas a creative stroke of genius


You have come to the right place

Social Media Citizenship

Whether you are creating a fun and engaging, serious or controversial brand, we have the skill, precision, design sense and creativity to create an image that will influence your audience and give you the power to win.


As a brand, business or individual looking to make a mark on society, it is important to understand that even Social Media comes with its set of written and unwritten rules. In the quest to become “instafamous”, so many people forget that the ability to maintain a positive social etiquette is a sign of a socially responsible and conscious mind. We help our clients increase their visibility and good social interactions via our Digital PR services to stay relevant and be recognized but most of all remembered. Give your brand the media attention it needs to boost your website traffic, improve your search engine optimization, or establish you as the subject matter expert in your field.


From brand positioning, content strategy to engagement, we help brands represent themselves in a thoughtful manner online. We have the tools necessary to transform you into an online Social Media Socialite.

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All your marketing should be designed to work as hard as you do. Sign up for our Brand Styling package today.