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Adiza Brimah-Annan.



The term WALANII means life’s essential. As such, we are a brand that helps experts who feel invisible in their niche become visible with an elevated brand presence so they can claim their rightful place in their niche to increase their reach & revenue goals without struggling to figure out everything on their own.


As a Certified Image Consultant since 2011, I have helped many individuals and corporations elevate their brand presence via communication, online presence and fashion choices.


Born from my passion for seeing the best in people physically and emotionally, WALANII, since 2019, has helped its clients dismantle their belief in their limitations and present themselves as self-confident and competent brands to increase their reach and revenue goals. Based in Ghana but serving clients worldwide, WALANII has been instrumental in supporting professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders to expand their awareness about themselves, empowering them to show up as influential and esteemed personal brand ambassadors on any occasion.


Work event, social gathering?

WALANII got you covered. We believe that fashion must reflect who you are. That is why when you work with us, we also offer you various fashion accessories and grooming kits to choose from that are sure to keep you looking and feeling poised with purpose. With us, you can rest assured that you are always deliberately present because we believe how you dress essential to be seen, recognised and trusted to elevate your brand and increase your reach and revenue. As a certified AICI Affiliated Consultant, I understand the importance of matching body dimension, skin tone and look with a poised etiquette to match. With WALANII, you can be your fashion label in the modern world.


Welcome to WALANII. Let’s start your elevating your brand with style & presence. We want to work with you! 

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