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Success Coaching

There are no Shortcuts on the Road to Success.

Success starts with planning and goals. At Walanii, We believe that success coaching is the key to personal development and long-term measurable achievement. Our philosophy and approach to success coaching are found on the basic principle that dreams seldom materialise on their fruition. Those seeking success must create a roadmap to achieve their feat. Let Walanii the Style Strategist be your success Coaching accountability partner.ย 


Short Term Planning Leads to Long Term Success

What role do we play in your Long-Term Success?ย 

Great question!ย 


As part of our Success Coaching Plan, we take a tailored approach with each client to understand their personal, business, or social success goals and aspirations. After that, we begin to do the life-changing work that has helped many individuals plan for successful living and become self-empowered moguls. We will collaborate with you to connect with your core values during our success coaching process and define your mission and vision statement.ย 

Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.ย 

Let’s Do It!

Etiquette Coaching

Cultivating a Taste for the Right Decorum

Thomas Sowell, an American Economist and Social Theorist once said, “Politeness and consideration for others are like investing pennies and getting dollars back.”ย 

We couldn’t agree more! Part of Success and the ability to be seen and recognised through the lens of respect and reverence is incumbent upon our aptitude to carry ourselves with grace, poise, and an articulate vernacular in any situation. At the WALANII, we provide our clients with the tools they need to display a proper disposition in any business or social settings:

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Personal Styling

We Have Passion for Style.ย 

WALANII, we believe that every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway! We empower our clients to dress with style and present themselves with purpose. As part of our Styling services, we offer personal body and colour analysis, personal grooming, fashion styling, wardrobe consultation and shopping services.

Don’t stress about how you look.ย 

Let us help!

Brand Styling

Your Brand Is Your Business

Having the right look for your brand or your business can make all the difference in the world when it comes to promotability, value and most of all, SALES. At Walanii, we have just what it takes to help you position yourself as a marketable powerhouse in your specific field of work or niche. We offer the following Brand Strategy, Social Media Citizenship & Digital PR, Marketing Collateral & Stationery Production.

we believe that great design marks your destiny. Let us make your ideas a creative stroke of genius.

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Present your guests with an enchanting ambience as they participate in your next event. With occupancy that can accommodate 25 to 500 guests, we can transform our space into a spacious, elegant, and innovative space that will leave your guests in astonishment yet filled with intrigue.ย 

We offer our clients a comprehensive rental package that includes dinnerware, flatware, glasses, linens, chairs, tents and much more. Ask us about renting either our outdoor or indoor space and utilising our trained team of service experts to serve your guests for an affair that will be remembered for days and years to come.