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Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L´HOMME


LA NUIT DE L’HOMME by Yves Saint Laurent is a men’s “Eau de Toilette” belonging to the Spicy Aromatic family. A new addition to the L’HOMME saga with a more refreshing tone than its concentration in “Eau de Parfum” which nevertheless, continues to maintain its seductive aura full of sensuality. Its intoxicating stele begins with a vibrant accord featuring cardamom, giving rise to an intensely spicy and virile aroma. Next, bergamot, lavender and Virginia cedar take over its heart for a more sophisticated and elegant character, to end with strong aromas such as vetiver and caraway.

SHADOWY BEAUTY. This perfume describes an attractive and mysterious man, enveloped in night. His is a very characteristic and sophisticated beauty, with serious features and an addictive aura.

COLD NIGHTS. LA NUIT DE L’HOMME is a perfect option for cool nights. Its intoxicating stele takes charge of warming up the atmosphere and creating an vibe full of enthusiasm.

EMBLEMATIC BOTTLE. Its bottle follows exactly the same lines as those of the L’Homme collection, however, its colours vary, and this time it is totally transparent, degrading to a dark tone, expressing its nocturnal aspects.

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