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Aromatherapy Diffuser


Aromatherapy Small Diffusers for Essential Oils,120 ml Water Tank Small Humidifier Lasts Up to 10 Hours,7 Colors Lights and Auto Shut-Off Cool Mist for Bedroom/Large Room/Desk/Home


About this item

Essential oil diffuser humidifiers use a 3.0MHz atomized film produced by TDK material. Ultrasonic atomized film changes water particles into water molecules below 10UM without damaging the natural ingredients of essential oil. Designed for 120 ml capacity, it can work continuously for 6 to 10 hours. Red light prompts for 10 seconds when water is scarce and auto Shut-off. Maybe you need a safe personal humidifier for babies. 

With a TYPE-C power cord, strong versatility. Suitable for desktop computer, notebook computer, mobile power supply, USB3.0 or higher interface, suitable for any charger with DC = 5V, a power greater than 5W and above.


Aromatherapy diffuser uses 7 kinds of colourful atmosphere lights and a type-c interface to make the application wider. Whether in the office, home, bedroom, living room, car or outdoor, as long as it has USB power. Provide a warranty for all supporting customers, all non – human damage cases. We will guarantee you within 6 months. Feel free to contact us.



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