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  -  Personal Branding   -  How To Create The Success You Desire

Looking good is not shallow, vain or phoney. Think of it as setting an emotional and physical tone for your personal brand image. To do this perfectly, you need to select your colours with intent. The red, gold, green and black of the Ghana flag to everything on this planet expresses some form of colour phycology or colour symbolism. 

For ages, colour has fascinated many and influenced how we choose to wear it. Whether in clothing or accessories, colours do so much more than just look good on you. They can help you stick to your goals for the day or even make you feel more confident, sexy or however you fancy based on your plan for the moment. 

When you know the messages that colours represent, you have the power to use them to influence those around you and yourself. Are the colours you wear saying what you want them to say about you? 


Warning, the best results start with a suitable representation. This guide will stop you from playing guessing games with your image. After reading this guide, you will uncover the tools you need to stand out and attract your desire lifestyle. If you invest in the tools outlined, you will continuously attract the attention you need without self-doubt. So make sure you are ready for the successful life you want.
Let’s join into it:


STEP #1: Define A Success Strategy



If you fail to plan, you will fail. So, get to work. Without holding anything back, take a moment to start visualizing the success you want; this can be in the form of a vision board or vision statement. Allow yourself to feel how this kind of success will do for you or what it will mean.
Now, let do a self-audit. What will likely prevent you from getting all the things you desire?

An accurate self-awareness will help you determine the kind of support you will need to focus on right now. This information will guide you to the sort of people you need, the skills you need to learn or unlearn and the very goals you need to accomplish each hour, day, month or year to make it possible to create the lifestyle your need to make the success you want to happen.

This clarity is the strategy you need to create your irresistible introduction or self-promotional documents like Curriculum Vitae (cv), Profile & Elevator pitch in that order. Your self-promotional information must be worthy of the opportunity you are seeking or hoping to receive.


STEP #2: Curate An Empowering Wardrobe


Nothing speaks louder than your appearance. Use the wardrobe as a tool, curate clothing and accessories that complement your body shape, age, lifestyle, and aspirations to transport you to your desired status faster. Focus on fit, quality, and other details such as colours and scent to strategically communicate your personality and attributes. Remember, true style empowers and does not have to drain your bank account. It may be worth your while to invest in the best quality you can afford because dressing for success may sound intimidating, expensive, and a bit vain; however, keep in mind that your appearance creates credibility.

When you wear outstanding pieces, people notice you. Ultimately, your outer appearance will mirror your inner qualities and validate your unique style.


STEP#3 Build An Online Presence


If I should google your name, search for you on LinkedIn, will I find you? What about Facebook? To stand out today requires you to have an online presence, where you will be found and, most importantly, with a decent number of following and engaging in conversations that elevate your brand equity and increase your online wealth.

Note; platform selection and conversations online must compliment your aspirations and your offline brand.

Start to create the strategic tools you need to bring your brand to life. After discovering/defining who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you do it, you need to create these essential tools to increase your visibility.

Now, this is where we come in with my thirteen years’ experience in the image management industry to assist you in fine-tuning all you have done to enable you to stand out deliberately to attract the relevant opportunity to succeed.


If you are ready to embark on your styling journey, I would like to help you get it done within the shortest possible time and on a budget so that you can start enjoying the benefits I have helped thousands achieve in the last decade.


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